24 April 2020



Regarding the new and serious pandemic COVID-19 disease, acc.to Government of the Republic of Croatia and Croatian Institute of Public Health recommendations and acts, and general measures of National Civil Protection Authority, MIRTA-KONTROL d.o.o. (hereinafter: MK) takes acts and measures regarding monitoring of situation and disease prevention. MK take this situation very seriously and is aware about responsibility for employees and clients. MK work continues, but including following precautions:

– All personal (physical) contacts and meetings are postponed, incl. within MK company;

– All requests / inquiries are conducted through e-mail or telephone;

– Samples (for laboratory testing and certification) shall be delivered only by postal mail;

– Documentation (for certification) shall be delivered only by e-mail;

– All sampling (on manufacturing site, importer, distributer or sale/warehouse) acc. to checking of PPE manufactured procedure (Module C2: conformity to type based on internal production control plus supervised product checks at random intervals) are postponed until 31.05.2020;

– Some employees are working from home, but MK has enough employees on site to provide continuous work;

– All final documents are sent by e-mail, on applicant request we can send it also by post.

In hope of normalizing this situation as soon as possible, please follow instructions of competent institutions and government about safety measures and procedures.